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by Tristan Bernays

From 28th Sep 2019 @ A secret venue

Click here for tickets and info

"An astounding and incredibly provocative immersive piece, 'Souvenir' makes you think again before you post online."
★★★★★ The Upcoming

"Timed brilliantly, designed beautifully, and delivered

with wit and intelligence"

★★★★ A Younger Theatre

"We've been to our fair share of surprise parties, but

we doubt we'll ever be as surprised or as disturbed as

we were by this dark tale."

★★★★ The Londonist

Happy Birthday, Anna! I got a surprise for you.

I think you're really gonna like it.

Souvenir is an intimate show about love, loss

and never letting go.

It takes place in a different, secret venue every night.

Come for Anna’s surprise 30th birthday party.

Stay for the story.

Want to see the show?

Go to

Want to host the show in your house?

Go to

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