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by Tristan Bernays

6th - 8th March 2020 @ VAULT Festival

It’s empty. All of it. The whole building. The Foxtons lady didn’t mention that, did she? 146 fully furnished flats and all of them completely empty. Except for...

Jay has just bought his first home: a luxury apartment in the newly refurbished 60s Brutalist masterpiece, Balfron Tower.

But he soon discovers he’s literally the only person in the entire building. All the other flats are empty, bought up by wealthy Russian oligarchs and Beijing businessmen.

He is completely alone. Until he discovers he isn’t.
Someone – or something – still haunts the corridors of

Balfron Tower.

Ghost House is a 21st century ghost story set against the skyline of modern London and the contemporary housing crisis.

High Rise meets The Woman In Black in this chilling tale of urban loneliness, isolation and fear.

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